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About Us

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whitespace is a modern, business-focused video solution provider that works across all sectors. We know you’re not interested in the fancy kit we own, but you will want to know that we are very easy-going and understand the pressures of time and interruption. That’s why, as a corporate video production provider, we work as a small team, getting the job done with a minimum of disturbance to your work flow. We like to start at the beginning - understanding your business and marketing objectives so that we can do our very best for you and help to achieve results. We’ll help with scripting right through to the final production and also assist with online marketing, if required. As a creative team we can work on concepts and marketing ideas and even run entire online TV Channels on your behalf.

Video and Photograhpy Services based in Somerset

As a tight unit for video and photography, we can carry out a photo shoot at the same time. This is cost effective and gives you a bank of images for future marketing and PR.

It’s probably worth mentioning that we are highly experienced, smart, loyal and here to film specifically for your needs. We are good with people and put them at ease in front of the camera. 

With our Mobile Filming Unit, we are fully kitted to film moving vehicles / objects to demonstrate safety and training techniques. We were responsible for the filming of the ambitious Kier / Chevron training videos, where a runway was converted into a motorway for the week. We are also known for the series of training videos for the British Army’s Merlin Helicopter and then there was that time where we filmed in the Arctic on the back of snowmobiles...

Commercial Filming Unit

We are experienced and trained in filming from moving vehicles including MEWPS, Cherry Pickers, Quad bikes, Snowmobiles and of course, our own Mercedes Vito Mobile Filming Unit. We’re also just as happy filming from somewhere dry and warm on a tripod!

If you need some arial footage from drones, that’s no problem either.

The Mobile Filming Unit is also available for event capture, such as festivals, wildlife filming and music videos.

Call us on 01278 723800 or email the boss sj@whitespace-brand.co.uk 

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